30 June 2016

Corps Saxo-Borussia im KSCV

Gegründet am : 16. Dezember 1820
Burschenband: weiß-grün-schwarz-weiß
Mütze: weißer Stürmer
Wahlspruch: Virtus sola bonorum corona!
Waffenspruch: Gladius ultor noster!
Anschrift: Haus Riesenstein, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 44
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01.07. Fri.  €190    €235
02.07. Sat.  €140    €185
03.07. Sun.  €185    €185

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Time:  08:44
Thu, 30.06.  25°C 
Fri, 01.07.  25°C 
Sat, 02.07.  21°C 
Guest opinions
  Alter 50 (private) sagt: We had a good time, and the room was comfortable and large. Everyone was helpful and very good. The tv did not work which we spoke with the housekeeping person about which immediately relayed to the desk, but it was not fixed while we were there.... » More
  Alter 40 (private) sagt: Excellent hôtel, excellent accueil, excellent dîner, excellent petit-déjeuner ! » More
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