29 March 2017

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The Friedrich Ebert memorial place

President Friedrich Ebert memorial place in Heidelberg has been founded for Friedrich Ebert, who was the first president of the Weimar republic. It shall preserve the remembrance of Friedrich Ebert and demonstrate the comprehension of the German history.

The main part of the memorial place is the small flat where Friedrich Ebert  was born  on Februar 4th 1871. Additional there is an exhibition „Friedrich Ebert –  his life,  his work, his time".
There are again and again changing exhibitions which belong to the broadest sense to Friedrich Ebert. The memorial place is completed by an archive, a library, a copied saddlery and historical items.
Lectures, contempory witness talks, conferences and seminars with pupils are hold here.
The memorial place is visited each year by more than 50.000 people and more than 200 school classes.
Friedrich Ebert had been buried here in Heidelberg. Even at his grave on the mountain cementary the people commemorate to him.
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