Dienstag, 17. Jan. 2017
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Die Meinung unserer Gäste
5  Alter 60 - 70 (privat):
We came to enoy the ambiance and, more specifically, the dining excellence at Le Gourmet. We were not disappointed in either. I am very well pleased and often pleasantly surprised each time I dine at this restaurant. The added pleasure of being able to stay at the hotel after dinner made the evening all the more enjoyable. » mehr
5  Alter 60 - 70 (privat):
We would like to have more information in the room and a more modern television. It is useful to have a folder with a map, and local information, ie places to visit, eat, hire bikes etc. We would have preferred one of the hotel restaurants to be open on Sunday evenings, although we understand that cost is a factor here. Also more information abo... » mehr
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