Samstag, 02. Jul. 2016

Heidelberger Wingolf im WB

Gegründet am :17. Juni 1851
Burschenband: blau-weiß-gold mit silberner Perkussion
Mütze: kornblaue Schildmütze, kleine gerade Form, weiß-goldener Rand, keine Raspel
Wahlspruch: di henos panta! (durch Einen Alles!)
Anschrift: Werrgasse 4
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02.07. Sa.  140 €    185 €
03.07. So.  140 €    185 €
04.07. Mo.  140 €    185 €
05.07. Di.  110 €    155 €
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Zeit:  02:12
Fr, 01.07.  26°C 
Sa, 02.07.  20°C 
So, 03.07.  21°C 
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  Alter 50 (private) sagt: We had a most nice one night stop at the hotel, comprising parents and two teenagers. The four person family room with two bedrooms and bethrooms was just great. Unfortunately the restaurant was not open (Sunday) so we could not try it, as intended. » mehr
  Alter 40 (business) sagt: All the staff since my arrival made ??us feel at home. Our waiter was always attentive that our dinner were spectacular and he is a very pleasant person. I hope to return with my family in near future. » mehr
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