14 October 2015
A letter from good old Heidelberg

If you send us your Email address, we will keep you posted, from time to time with a newsletter what is happening in the Hirschgasse.
For instance we have sensory menu events with the world champion of sommeliers, Bollinger nights with the tradition of one of France’s top notch champagne producers. But also events with our partner hotels within the SLH family.
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17.10. Sat.  €190    €285

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Time:  01:03
Tue, 13.10.  13°C 
Wed, 14.10.  6°C 
Thu, 15.10.  7°C 
Guest opinions
  Alter 40 (business) sagt: I love this Hotel - and its location in Heidelberg. I look forward to staying again. » More
  Alter 50 (business) sagt: sehr gemütliches Hotel, schöne Atmos- phäre, sehr gutes Essen, freundlicher Service » More
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