26 April 2015
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Reservations: Please reserve your table well in advance, to still obtain your favorite reservation time.
Depending on available time slots, or density of  reservations around a certain time, we perhaps would suggest alternative times to you in order to  avoid uneccesary waiting times in service and kitchen. Just like on airport runways, our stove has certain capacity limits. Thank you for your flexible consideration.

                                                                Menue Fa├žon Marine et Louis

Goose liver with chili and yuzu

Langoustine with carrot, passion fruit and parsley
Beef and rasish 

Suckling pig with cabbage and bread
Sheep milk cheese from Corsica with herbs proven├žales

Windfall fruit


                              3 course 75 €          4 course 90 €          5 course 105 €         6 course 120 €
                                                      Le Baroudeur
Scallop with shiitake mushrooms and soja
Sole and octopus on broth of bouillabaisse
Codfish and sweetbread with turnip tops and elderflower vinegar
Limousin lamb - roasted, braised and cured - with cucumber and tarragon
Affinated raw milk cheese from the trolley
Avocado with coconut and sesame with lime 

                              3 course 75 €          4 course 90 €          5 course 105 €          6 course 120 €

All prices include service charge and VAT and are in EURO