02 September 2014
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Reservations: Please reserve your table well in advance, to still obtain your favorite reservation time.
Depending on available time slots, or density of  reservations around a certain time, we perhaps would suggest alternative times to you in order to  avoid uneccesary waiting times in service and kitchen. Just like on airport runways, our stove has certain capacity limits. Thank you for your flexible consideration.

                                                                Menue Façon Marine et Louis

King prawn with leek and plucked pork shoulder

Line caught sea Bass -pan fried and raw marinated- with cauliflower, avocado
Chicken from the bresse with lovage  and lemon essence 

Black Angus -Fillet, shoulder and pastrami- with bell pepper and juice of gulasch
Sheep milk cheese from Corsica with herbs provençales

Chocolate and mint façon “Mortimer”


                              3 course 80 €          4 course 90 €          5 course 100 €         6 course 110 €
                                                      Le Baroudeur
Scallop with shiitake, soya and sea urchin velouté
Calves cheek with sweetbread and corn
Sole and octopus on broth of bouillabaisse
"Cordon bleu" of lamb from the Limousin with parsley and side salad
Affinated raw milk cheese from the trolley
Milk and rice with exotic fruit compote                                                        

                              3 course 80 €          4 course 90 €          5 course 100 €          6 course 110 €

All prices include service charge and VAT and are in EURO
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