30 March 2017

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Rhein-Neckar-Arena soccer stadium

So you've never been to  Rhein Neckar Arena 1899 Hoffenheim home game in the Bundesliga and you want to know the best way to get here? Here you can find all the information on getting to and leaving. Stay in the Heidelberg hotel Hirschgasse when booking a hotel for the soccer game.
Arriving by car:
On matchdays there is heavy traffic on the A6 from Mannheim and Heilbronn, and on the roads to and from Sinsheim. As before we have the following recommendations for getting to the stadium: try using buses and trains, leave promptly, take potential problems into account when planning your journey, and try travelling in groups!
Experience suggests that the public parking spaces at the stadium (P9-11) will be full an hour before kick-off at the latest.
Alternative parking spaces are available on Neulandstraße ("Messe" and "Museum"). If using this facility traffic from the A6 in both directions should use the Sinsheim-Steinsfurt exit.
Only special pass holders may use the private parking spaces at the stadium (P1-8).
Leaving by carTwo lanes of traffic from parking spaces P1-11 to the A6 direction Mannheim and Heilbronn on the Dietmar-Hopp-StraßeAn additional exit at P9 with access to the L 550Traffic will be directed onto the A6 from parking spaces P1-11 in both directions. If you need to turn around do so at the next available junction.Shuttle buses and normal service buses will have greater right of way than before, in order to ensure punctual journeys to and from Sinsheim station.

Arrival and departure by train:
Alongside the normal timetable the Deutsche Bahn will lay on extra trains for 1899 Hoffenheim Bundesliga matches.
For quicker and safer arrivals and departures the following arrangements are in place: passengers coming from and going in the direction of Mannheim and Heidelberg are advised to use the Sinsheim (Elsenz) station. Passengers coming from and going in the direction of Heilbronn and Eppingen are advised to use the Sinsheim Museum/Arena station.
There is also an additional shuttle service between the bus station at Sinsheim (Elsenz) station and the Rhein Neckar Arena. The Rhein Neckar Arena is around 15 minutes walk from the Sinsheim Museum/Arena station
Match tickets for football games at the Rhein Neckar Arena double as return tickets for the Rhein-Neckar and Heilbronner/Hohenloher/Haller travel system.
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