08 December 2016

When we travel to Europe, we have a routine of flying to Fra... Apr 2013

Alter: 60 (private) am 13. April 2013

When we travel to Europe, we have a routine of flying to Frankfurt, renting our car and driving to Heidelberg for a few days to get our ‘feet on the ground’. This year, for the first time, we decided to stay at the Hirschgasse. Although we arrived early, our room was ready for us (and our nap!). The room was wonderful and the staff outstanding. Our 2-day stay was perfect. We decided to stay for another 2 days at the Hirschgasse on our outward journey at the end of our holiday. We were provided another marvellous room after being greeted like a member of the ‘family’ who had not visited for some time. We will be staying at the Hirschgasse on our next trip.


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