Ein­drü­cke un­se­rer Gäs­te im Gour­met­ho­tel Hirsch­gas­se Hei­del­berg Jetzt bu­chen

The location is excellent: I have visited Heidelberg before and this location enables the traveler to connect with the city with ease. It is a perfect location for the leisure tourist, nonetheless, a little bit far away from the transportation hub (Heidelberg Hbf). The service quality, experienced upon Check in and Check out was great: trouble free registration, we were guided to our room. The Check out was also very well handled and the Front Desk clerk made sure we had a good stay. The little details brought the service level from good to excellent: our guest name at the door, our coats delivered to our room while we were having dinner are examples of unexpected services making a stay an unforgettable experience. Many hotels provide good service, but Die Hirschgasse goes the extra mile, a "WOW" factor. The service encountered in the restaurant the Mensursturbe was also of great quality: the Maitre d'hôtel was very professional, yet friendly. Although we arrived late during the evening, he made great recommendations on the choices to make, as well as the wine, and we all shared a very pleasant, simple yet tasty dinner. The dishes were not much sophisticated but the taste and quality of the ingredients had the approval of all guest from our party. We were also very surprised at the Price/Quality ratio, excellent. In addition to a late dinner, we had breakfast at the hotel the next morning. We found the room with ease but no staff was to be seen, so we started to help ourself on the buffet (common selection of breads,cereals and nuts dairy products, juices, jams, and fruits). I had to go get the waiter's attention myself to order hot beverages and an omelette: apart from that, the waitress delivered a quality service, with lots of smiles and care. Another detail that took Die Hirschgasse hotel beyond its stars: the owner of the house, came to our table to make sure we had a nice stay and to wish us a good holiday season: always great to know everyone cares about your stay, from the moment you walk in until you leave for good. To conclude, I would say that the Hirschgasse Hotel offers a great value for money, it delivers everything such property is mend to deliver, but with something extra, something you can feel but not explain, which lays in small details and that one cannot find in many other hotels. And for those who need to know: WIFI available, good speed and everything is clean. I could not turn the TV on but the view outside the window is so charming that that was not a problem for us.

Alter: 20 (private) am 24.12.2012