Attractions in Heidelberg

Attractions in Heidelberg

From the most famous castle ruins in Germany, to the Old Bridge of Heidelberg and the Philosopher way, which has its ascent directly to our hotel the Hirschgasse, the Rhine-Neckar region will attract you with its many fascinating sights. Discover your area of interest and be inspired ... We wish you all the fun and joy on your journey through the Heidelberg region!

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The old bridge

The Heidelberg old bridge (Karl-Theodor bridge), leads over the river Neckar in Heidelberg and connects the old town with the Neckar banks, the eastern part of the district Neuenheim.
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The old university of Heidelberg

Heidelberg's old university, is supra regional famous for its educational establishment. The most famous is undoubtedly the Ruprecht-Karl-University. It was formed in 1386 and is the oldest university in Germany. ..
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Botanic garden Heidelberg

The botanic garden Heidelberg is located at the northern waterside of the Neckar in Neuenheimer Feld, the Heidelberg campus. It is a part of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg and a branch of the Heidelberger COS...
[Translate to Englisch:] Sehenswürdigkeit Friedrich Ebert Gedenkstätte

President Friedrich Ebert memorial place

President Friedrich Ebert memorial place in Heidelberg, has been founded for Friedrich Ebert, who was the first president of the Weimar republic. It shall preserve the remembrance of Friedrich Ebert and demonstrate the comprehension of this piece of German history.
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The castle of Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Castle and town landmark, is world famous and continues to be the most romantic castle ruins of Germany. Experience, with guided audio tours, the Heidelberg castle. You can reach it by foot from our hotel Hirschgasse, all the while, enjoying its stunning panoramic views. Since the destruction of the soldiers of king Ludwig the 14th in 1689 and 1693 the castle has been restored just partially...
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Church of the Holy Spirit Heidelberg

The church of the holy spirit is the largest and most important church in Heidelberg. It has been constructed at the market square, in the middle of the old town, close to the Heidelberg castle. The tower - together with the castle's octagonal bell tower - dominates the cityscape.
[Translate to Englisch:] Sehenswürdigkeit Tiergarten Heidelberg

Heidelberg Zoo

If you are looking for entertainment during your stay at the Hotel Hirschgasse or would like to make your little one(s) happy, the Heidelberg Zoo is a great place full of endless amusement. With its beautifully designed enclosures and very well-kept green areas, it exudes a charm…
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Palatinate museum of Heidelberg

The Palatinate museum of Heidelberg, offers insights of regional history. With its large collection of paintings, graphics and sculptures (15th– 20th century), handcraft, archaeology, town history and Electoral Palatinate, the Heidelberg Palatinate museum...
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Peter's church Heidelberg

The Peter's church is the oldest church of Heidelberg. In the late medieval times, it had been used several times as a university chapel for the university of Heidelberg. Since 1896 it continues to be the university church.
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Town hall Heidelberg

If you attend a conference or a meeting, you will be pleasantly surprised at the conveniently located town hall, right in the centre of Heidelberg. A good reason for your loved ones to accompany you, as they, too, can enjoy the closeness of the city...
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Packaging museum Heidelberg

With a visit to the Packaging museum Heidelberg, we hope we can rekindle those joyful childhood memories. Perhaps, a trip to this museum will show you some insight on how package design differs from the one in your own country.