Baptism & Confirmation

You have our blessing...

Whether it's a baptism, family occasion or confirmation you are wishing to celebrate in Heidelberg, we can assure you here at the Hirschgasse we have the perfect restaurant settings. With an impeccable blend of privacy and ambience we offer exclusive space in the Le Gourmet or the Mensurstube. Give the baptism or confirmation, you're celebrating, quality that will not go unnoticed by your guests. We love to fulfill your wishes and create a tailor made offer fitting exactly to your expectations - be it budget or taste.

As a special opportunity to relax and mingle in your family celebration, the Rose terrace is available for aperitif, coffee and cake.

For those who want to have a little physical relaxation after lunch, the Philosopher's walk Heidelberg offers a panoramic walk. The entrance to the Philosopher's walk starts directly at our hotel and offers fantastic views of Heidelberg up to the Rheinebene.

We would be delighted to welcome you, with your important event, and somewhat critical guests. For example, Aunt Helga, who does not eat fish because she is afraid of fish bones and Cousin Oskar, who often stirs his wine when it is not well chilled…We at the Hirschgasse can help you make an especially good impression. Let us do the worrying for you!