Culinary calender


Sylvester 2022

Beginn Service
18:00 /18:30 / 19:00


Startup with David Herve oyster 


Amuse Bouche


King mackerel
yoghurt, green apple & dill


Blue lobster pineapple & coffee


Calves sweetbread
macaroni chartreuse & jus with black truffles


Sauted saddle of venison
cabbage, macademia & pear


Tahiti vanilla
Barbados rum & dark chocolate
Cheese vom Affineur Waltmann


Petit fours


EUR 225,00 p.P.

Reservations are possible for 2 persons on tables of two, and for 4 persons on tables of four.
Should you want to book for a higher number of guests we ask you to contact us directly under:

Online Booking
You can cancel free of charge until the 09.12.2022
We kindly ask you for a prepayment in full to guarantee the reservation. Please us the following