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Funicular Railway Heidelberg

Bergbahn Heidelberg Station Molkenkur

The Heidelberger funicular is the electric mountain railway. It consists of two cable cars, which travel in two sections from the Kornmarkt past the Heidelberg castle with a transfer at the station Molkenkur to the Königstuhl. The mountain railway is operated by Heidelberg Straßen- und Bergbahn AG (HSB). Both tracks have a track width of 1,000 mm.

The altitude difference from the valley station Kornmarkt to Molkenkur is 173 m, the length 454,6 m and a ride time of 5 minutes with a high speed of 5 meter per second.

The route altitude difference from Molkenkur to Königstuhl is 260,5 m, the length 974,5 m and a ride time of 9 Minutes with a high speed of 2 meter per second.