Vineyard "The sunny side upon the bridge" is our historical Heidelberg vineyard, home to a range of local wines, and stunning castle view. This steep vineyard is managed by the wine estate Adam Mueller in Leimen. With a location on the eastern side of the philosopher's walk, it has less tourists and more intimate views. Goethe, is supposed to have said, that this is the most beautiful Heidelberg vineyard in Germany.

A wine with a view

Once a year we have a very special event, invitation only:
We walk up to the vineyard directly from the hotel to not only kill some bottles but also to enjoy the sampling of the latest vintage Rieslings and Pinot noirs. Indulge us while we reveal secrets of the winemaker himself and explore the impressive scenery. A delicate regional buffet with local specialties will accompany the wines. After that, we will walk down the hill to work up an appetite and allow us to enjoy the woods. To follow is a scenic dinner in the Le Gourmet with the wines from our winemakers. Make this day about enjoying Heidelberg's finest wines from its roots to your glass - without the hard labour of harvesting the very steep vineyards. Good shoes are recommended and a certain level of fitness is needed. Reserve directly with us. EUR 69 p.p.

Close by, you can even tread onto a former battle field from 1849, where the militia of Heidelberg defended in entrenchments against the advancing Prussian troops.

Ask for a picnic and we will be happy to prepare something for you. After, you can enjoy a Riesling or a Pinot noir and its grapes from this vineyard while gazing off into the distance at the magnificent view of the castle...