The Luisenpark, is known as one of the nicest gardens in Europe. Expect to find an enormous variety of animals, plants and cultural programs for the whole family. It is repeatedly voted as the number one destination for its recreational facilities in the Metropolregion Rhine neckar.

The Luisenpark offers the wild plant house, lake stage, Chinese tea house and a huge lawn called Rennwiese. It is situated on the left Neckar emban. The park is named after, “Luise Marie Elisabeth” from Prussia (1838–1923). She was the daughter of the later German emperor, “Kaisers Wilhelm I”. From 1797–1888 she stood very close to German royalty. In 1856 she married, “Friedrich I.” von Baden (1826–1907).

Lake Kutzerweiher

This lake spreads out 40.000 square meters. On it are little boats called, “Gondolas”, they are pulled along with a cable on a 1.840 meter long circuit.

Lake stage

The open air lake stage holds ca.1.000 seats and offers, since 2006, concerts, operas, musicals shows, and church services.

Chinese tea house

The garden of the numerous views, with the Chinese tea house, was built in 2001 together with Mannheims Chinese partner town, Zhenjiang. The Chinesis tea house is now known as the biggest tea house in Europe.

Wild plants and palm house

The size of this exhibition is 2.700 square meters and was built in 1958. It contains a butterfly house, terrarium aviary and sweet and salt water aquarium.

Mannheim post office tower

The Luisenpark is surmounted by the 212,8 Meter high post office tower and its turning restaurant in 125 meter height.

Common Rennwiese

A huge area covered by lawn 30.000 square meters, in the heart of the park. If you're travelling on, “the castle road Germany” on your way to Heidelberg you must visit the Mannheim palace!


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