The Mensurstube

Much more than a good restaurant in Heidelberg
The Mensurstube Fencing bout in the Hirschgasse

Very comfortable with fine regional cuisine - the Mensurstube


Not far from the picturesque old town, the Mensurstube is located in the hotel Hirschgasse. Indulge in our historical restaurant on the Neckar in Heidelberg allowing yourself to be carried away by the enchanting atmosphere.

In the oldest Mensurhaus in Germany, enjoy rustic hospitality, with fine rustic regional cuisine and traditional roots, here you'll find the best products. A cozy and inviting, authentic atmosphere is perfect for a memorable get-together.

During a visit to the historic restaurant Mensurstube, you can experience history up close. Take a seat at our ancient tiled stove, where Mark Twain once sat. The heavy wooden panelling, on which many faded pictures of the Heidelberg fraternities and corps hang, tell of ancient times. Whimsical drinking vessels as well as wicker baskets let you recreate the student dueling traditions. A special highlight is the unique "Student Prince" museum.

Exquisite delicacies
Exquisite delicatessen
Exquisite delicatessen

A fine wagon with plenty of exquisite delicacies

An exclusive special feature in the restaurant Mensurstube, is a specially built Charcuterie wagon, with which we serve exquisite delicacies directly at your table, additionally to the hot dishes from the kitchen.

Delicious pies and terrines from Alsace, organic smoked salmon from the Eifel and sausage chains dangling from local butchers, large sides of bacon, ham and lardo. We also offer, selected cheeses from the Affineur Waltmann, fine salads and much more. Before ordering the delicious specialties from our Charcuterie wagons, a crispy oven fresh loaf of bread with grainy mustard and Cumberland sauce will be served. If you arrive late or feel like having a snack in the evening, you are welcome to come to the Mensurstube, as here our fine food restaurant is open until 23:00. Please check beforehand your individual timing with us.

Opening times restaurant Mensurstube:

Tuesday until Saturday from 18°° - 24°°