The Mensurstube

Much more than a good restaurant in Heidelberg

The Mensurstube

Fencing bout in the Hirschgasse

A journey to the good old times


If we only had the regional German cuisine to describe our dishes in the historical Heidelberg restaurant Mensurstube, it would not do it justice.

Of course as well, we offer hearty tasty Heidelberg specialties. What ís special, however, is our charcuterie trolley with excellent pies, terrines, sausages and worldclass ham and cheeses. Genuine culinary classics served directly at the table from our delicacies trolley - entertaining gastronomic craftsmanship.

In the historic restaurant Mensurstube, we have created a small and unique "student prince" museum. An authentic high end dining experience awaits you - just as you would imagine old-Heidelberg, without mass processing and restlessness. Watches go a bit slower here - but not our flawless service.

Exquisite delicatessen
Exquisite delicatessen
Exquisite delicatessen

A visit to the historic Mensurstube will fulfill this goal exactly. Even Mark Twain, who also wrote about us on his visit to Heidelberg, ate at the ancient tiled stove.

The heavy wooden panelling, on which many faded pictures of the Heidelberg fraternities and corps hang, tell of ancient times. With whimsical drinking vessels and rapier swords, this atmosphere will let you experience the students duelling traditions. After all, we have been known as the "bloodiest corner of Heidelberg" and Germany's oldest Mensurstube until the late 1960s. Today, that saying only pertains to the delicate filet steaks of our kitchen...

Opening times restaurant Mensurstube:

Tuesday until Saturday from 18°° - 24°°