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Schwetzingen Palace

Schloss Schwetzingen mit Schlossgarten und Teichanlage

Close to Heidelberg is the Schwetzingen palace and baroque castle gardens, definitely worth the visit. It was built as the summer residence of the palatine elector Karl Philipp and Karl Theodor. The palace gardens which had been established in the 18th century, are very famous. Every year the "Schwetzinger Festspiele" and every second year the "Lichterfest" are celebrated here. Even a mosque had been built as an oriental enhancement to the general garden ensemble.

The palace of Schwetzingen belongs to the monuments owned by the state and is supervised by the institution "Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg".

The gardens can be visited for an admission, the castle and the theatre can be visited with a guided tour.


Palace and palace gardens Schwetzingen
Schloss Mittelbau
68723 Schwetzingen