Students Offer

Trail mix for clever minds

Leave the student life behind you for once...

Is cafeteria food and cooking not your thing? Then come to us in the Hirschgasse. As a student, you can enjoy an exclusive 4-course student dinner in our historic "Mensurstube" restaurant for real „peanuts“. For only 39,50 € p.P. You can be pampered upon presentation of a valid student ID. Of course, this offer is not only valid for our Heidelberg students of Ruperto Carola, but also for students of other universities or colleges. And yes, in a rendezvous with your, perhaps not studying loved ones, certainly, this price applies to them as well.

The Mensurstube, at the Hotel Hirschgasse, is the right place for all students. Already over 200 years ago student connections met to so-called Mensuren (Mensur on Wikipedia), the traditional and strictly regulated fencing fights. Today, only our chef in the kitchen is fighting to show you the best taste. In addition to a small "student prince" museum, you can learn the history of fraternities and corps in the Mensurstube on the walls. As a highlight, you can also take a seat at the ancient tiled stove, where Mark Twain once sat.

As you can see, a visit offers a wealth of lasting events. So be our guest and enjoy the Baden-Palatinate cuisine with Heidelberg specialties from our chef Mario Sauer.

And to all non-students, don't be sad, you too can enjoy our cuisine for only 49,50 EUR p.p.

In this sense, the proof is in the pudding - ready for new taste experiences?

If you are pleased with this offer and are convinced by our quality, "invite your parents", or get invited by your parents (the child should not be starving:-)).