Theatre Heidelberg

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Theatre and Orchestra Heidelberg

Outstanding entertainment moments that will help you enjoy your time here in Heidelberg! In the newly built theatre, which is connected to the old theatre building, you will find a beautifully simple overall complex and cultural concept. This theatre is set up with excellent stage technology and has been created specifically to cater to the many intricate changes in stage scenes. New artistic freedoms, which are available to the theater management with the entire ensemble, of course, also entice the audience into completely new play sequences.

Theatre and Orchestra Heidelberg

[Translate to Englisch:] Zimmertheater Heidelberg

Room Theatre Heidelberg

The "Zimmertheater Heidelberg" was founded in 1950 and is thus the oldest room theatre in Germany. In a picturesque backyard ambience it is located in the old town of Heidelberg. Thanks to its size, you will be able to experience the plays up close and personal. The pieces presented in the en-suite are selected with much expertise. Experience live theatre during your visit to this institution, which is also known beyond the borders of Heidelberg.

Room Theatre Heidelberg

[Translate to Englisch:] Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele

Heidelberg castle festival

Take part in Heidelberg's most popular attraction (according to Tripadvisor), the famous Heidelberg Castle Festival taking place every summer. Enjoy the enchanting scenery of the castle ruins overlooking Heidelberg and experience both comic and dramatic plays. Or listen to musical sounds directly under the starry skies of the city. Don't miss your chance to participate on this special open air event in the warm summer months.

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