Island life feeling under the open panorama roof

In Europe's largest vitality thermal bath, holiday dreams come true - a pleasure for the soul as well as the senses. Only a few minutes by car from Heidelberg and Heilbronn, “the Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim” offers unlimited possibilities for everyone 16 years of age and up. Enjoy hours of wonderful wellness and relaxation under real island life palm trees. Families with children, take over this paradise, every Saturday. Turquoise-sparkling water surfaces, tropical ambience with a pleasant climate, perfect water temperatures, as well as numerous beauty and wellness offers, enchant the guests.

Discover the holiday paradise

In “the palm paradise” (German: Palmenparadies), the quiet seeking find a place of rest and relaxation. Visitors will experience a unique combination between exotic holiday feelings and healthy healing baths. Guests can relax in the pool area of, “the palm paradise”. Enjoy a fruity cocktail at the poolside bar, relax in the hot tubs, jacuzzi or simply drift down the stream. The architectural highlight is the huge panorama roof that has the ability to open. On warm summer days it can be fully opened. Thus, letting the sun flood the palm paradise to every last angle.

Swim in health

The unique health care pools, with salt water, calcium / lithium and selenium, offer a real treat for health and beauty. The additional enrichment of the water, with the most valuable minerals in the world, can lead to a particularly intensive healing effect including relieving the joints. With 18 percent of the water being salt, guests are able to float much easier, as in the Dead Sea. A salt bath also stimulates circulation and skin metabolism, the body absorbs minerals from the salt and strengthens the natural protective function of the skin.

The calcium bath with the trace element lithium becomes the "lucky" pool. A bath in lithium-containing water has a positive effect on the mental balance, promotes mental performance, strengthens the immune system and can prolong the life expectancy with regular use. By the calcium contained in the basin, guests also avert the symptoms of osteoporosis, their metabolism is stimulated, muscle cramps and any numbnesses are counteracted. Selenium plays an important role in many metabolic processes in the body. It neutralizes so-called free radicals, which are mainly responsible for oxidative stress and the associated accelerated skin aging.

The regular water gymnastics shows guests how easy and pleasant fitness can be. Under the qualified guidance of the active team, the movement under palm trees makes exercising even more fun. At Aqua Floating and Aqua Balance, guests experience deep physical and mental relaxation during the interplay between being carried and floating in the water. Aqua fitness and Aqua Body forming, on the other hand, train the condition helping in the burning of fat and with the gentle muscle build-up.

If you want to make your skin fit, treat yourself with the daily, up to 80, free pampering packages like the beauty mask or the salt/sugar peeling in the steam bath "tropical fog” (German: Tropennebel), an extra care. In addition, guests can pamper themselves with Ayurveda treatments and wellness massages. Afterwards, comfortable loungers under palm trees invite you to dream and linger.

On Tuesdays, visitors to the "bath world cafe” (German: Badewelt-Café) will be happy to have coffee and cakes while taking part in the cheerful spa quiz. In the "After-Work-Relax" the exotic palm-tree paradise offers various aqua-programs on Wednesdays. This includes the barbecue on the “Sun terrace” (German: Sonnenterasse), provided nice weather, for a fantastic evening. In the weekly "4-Ladies Special" the “Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim”, invites four friends, every Thursday, for a bottle of tingling Prosecco at the pool bar.

Unique sauna experiences

The SPA, “jewel sauna paradise” (German: Juwel Saunaparadies) promises unforgettable saunas for everyone aged 16 and over. In a stylish atmosphere full of comfort and ease, visitors will experience nine exclusively themed adventure saunas. For example, you can experience a new sauna dimension in the beautiful, “Koi” sauna, the world's largest sauna. Here, colourful Koi fish pull their paths through the aquarium before the huge panorama window. Other innovative sauna experiences are: the Moorish-styled Alhambra, the cinema sauna with its large screen or the Viennese coffee house, try something new and experience them for yourself. Regular special infusions and beauty treatments make the saunas an unforgettable experience. After the warmth, the Calla flower shower and the panoramic pool provide a refreshing cooling. The turquoise sauna lagoon with pool bar and outdoor area, as well as numerous sun loungers, offer the perfect place to relax.

Every first Friday of the month, the adventure sauna night invigorates all saunas with a remarkably special program.


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